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New BrightKite invites available, looking for OffBeat Guides invite

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I got a fresh new round of BrightKite invites available! Three are for first come, first served, so please leave a comment if you want one. If you have an OffBeat Guide invite available, i’d like to swap it for a BrightKite one!

You can follow me here on BrightKite.


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June 2, 2008 at 7:46 pm

Identify CS3 Icons here…

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wheel-o’-icons, originally uploaded by сdнarriѕoη.

I’m with Peter on this one, i think the new icons are a tad confusing. Help out identifying the new icons on Flickr.  Lots of comments on John Nack’s blog as well.

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December 21, 2006 at 3:24 pm

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V2 Music Group and Fabchannel.com jointly distribute live concert videos online

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V2 Music Group and Fabchannel.com jointly distribute live concert videos online
Multiyear agreement for recording and distributing exclusive live concerts

London/Amsterdam – October 13th 2006 – V2 Music Group and Fabchannel.com, the multiple-award-winning #1 live music platform of the world, today announced a multiyear global digital distribution agreement for V2 artists performing concerts at the Paradiso and Melkweg in Amsterdam, Holland.

Over the years Fabchannel.com has recorded many V2 and Cooperative Music acts including Stereophonics, The Datsuns, Bloc Party and very recently Little Man Tate and The Pipettes. Now these exclusive shows will be available for music fans worldwide to buy as video and audio downloads from all digital and mobile services. The first downloads are expected to be available in the download shops by the beginning of November 2006.

Beth Appleton, Head of Digital and Business Development at V2 Music says ‘Live music is one of the highlights of being a music fan. Seeing and enjoying a live gig means really feeling close to the band. Of course not everyone can go to every gig. In distributing each song as a video and audio track from the Amsterdam concerts we are enabling fans from all over the world to enjoy our artists gigs as and when they want. And fans that have gone to the gig can now keep their memories too! Content should never be limited only to official releases and V2 are constantly looking to build partnerships with companies like Fabchannel to make more and more exciting recordings available to fans’.

Justin Kniest, CEO of Fabchannel is very excited about this new service. ‘The partnership with V2 Music enables us to give fans around the world what they have been asking for the last five years: downloading concert video tracks to their computer, phone, iPod or PSP in the highest quality.’

This unique partnership will give rise to a host of new music marketing concepts. A fine example is the first ever free downloadable concert video track one hour after a concert had ended. Visitors of The Pippettes show in Paradiso received a coupon with a unique code that enabled them to download a song of that night’s concert for free the moment they got home from the concert. Kniest says ‘We think this is a killer service for artists, fans, venues and record companies. What is better than coming home after a concert and immediately download a high quality video recording of that show with you in it?’

About V2 Music
V2 was established in 1997 following the sale of the original “Virgin Music” to Thorn EMI in 1992.  The sale outlined an everlasting restriction on the use of the “Virgin” name for a record label; hence “V2” was born.

V2 has a great roster of artists, including The Stereophonics, Underworld, Paul Weller, The Rakes, Little Man Tate and the Black Keys.

A year ago V2 created ‘Cooperative Music’, a division that works with independent labels to distribute repertoire throughout Europe. Through this relationship V2 represents Wichita Recordings with Bloc Party, CitySlang, Luakabop and Modular Recordings and Memphis Industries with The Pipettes.

The V2 Digital team look to drive innovation and be very proactive in the digital and mobile space, embracing new business models and technology and working with bands to effectively communicate, involve music fans and expand routes to market. They are proud to have won a number of New Media Awards: two Digital Music Awards (2004 and 2005) and Best Use of Multiple Channels at the New Media Awards in 2005 when they were shortlisted against giants Orange, Wimbledon and Big Brother.

About Fabchannel.com – live concerts online
Fabchannel.com is the biggest online concert video archive in the world. Over 600 exclusive live concerts from the famous Paradiso and Melkweg in Amsterdam can be watched live and on demand, in broadband video quality and for free. Fabchannel’s online archive include performances of Stereophonics, Editors, Damien Rice, Bloc Party, Andrew Bird, Simple Minds, Madness, Josh Ritter and Bright Eyes.

Fabchannel’s main objective is to create powerful free and paid broadband music services that engage a global audience and promote up-and-coming artists in all popular genres.

Founded by Paradiso Amsterdam, one of Europe’s leading live music clubs, Fabchannel.com is a great example of a new breed of entertainment companies that combine know-how about content, technology, promotion and sales.

This unique set of qualities earned Fabchannel four prestigious internet awards, including the Prix Europa 2005 and the Webby Award 2006 for Best Music Website of the world. They are the ultimate acknowledgement of Fabchannel’s vision.

More info:
V2 Music Limited
Beth Appleton
Head of Digital and Business Development
131-133 Holland Park Avenue
W11 4UT  London
Tel: +44 20 7471 3000
Fax: +44 20 7603 4796

Fabchannel.com – live concerts online
Justin Kniest
Weteringschans 6-8
1017 SG  Amsterdam
Tel: +31 20 796 00 73
Fax: +31 20 796 00 76

var so = new SWFObject(“http://blog.owenvandijk.nl/V2_fabchannel_pressrelease.swf”, “V2_fabchannel_pressrelease_SWF”, “480”, “622”, “6”, “#FFFFFF”);

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October 13, 2006 at 10:45 pm

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Gimme some Apple…

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Just watched the live feed from Macrumors and me is excited! Apple returned back to the colorful iPods with the new Nano’s and i can’t wait to get myself a new green Nano as i had a Mini in the same color.

The bigger news is ofcourse the announcement of the Apple iTV, which from what i understand is some sort of MediaCenter that looks quite similar to the Mac Mini but is all wireless. And ofcourse you can watch your movies that you bought from iTunes on it. Yup, that’s right…movies are now available on iTunes as well.

iTunes itself was updated to version 7 and now includes a view much like Cover Flow ( that site is getting hammered now because everyone is linking to it ) It’s made by Oliver Steele who is Chief Software Architect at Laszlo. Thats’ right..Apple shameless copying an implementation of it in their new iTunes )

Link: Apple – iPod nano

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September 12, 2006 at 8:29 pm

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Flashcomm update, back soon.

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I just got the message below from Dave Watts from Figleaf that the Flashcomm list will soon be back online. Thanks!

Hi, everyone!

As you’ve noticed, the Flashcomm list is down. Unfortunately, the backups I have of the list configuration database are corrupt, as is the actual database. I will try to retrieve addresses from it – it’s a Python pickle file – but I don’t expect the list to be back up for several days, as I’m out of town for the remainder of the week.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. If you know other people on the Flashcomm list, please send this to them. Thanks!

Dave Watts, CTO, Fig Leaf Software

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September 6, 2006 at 8:24 pm

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O Flashcomm list, Where Art Thou?

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Earlier this month the Flashcomm list went into oblivion. I thought Chattyfig went down and didn’t pay much attention to it. It happened before and the people at Figleaf always managed to get it up and running very quickly. I still remember the email or posting from Branden Hall that he took a spare PC of his own to Figleaf Software, install Mailman and set up Flashcoders ( boy that seems like forever ago..1999? 2000? ).

While the Flashcommunity was raving about the 10 Year Flash microsite, i noticed it didn’t say a word about good ol’ Chattyfig and the excellent free service provided by Figleaf. I think that is a shame. Chattyfig and it’s service and existence is very much a part of Flash’s 10 year History and although we take it for granted ( and some of us have very strong opinions on the ‘signal to noise’ ratio over some of it’s mailinglists ) we easily forget how much we rely on it from time to time. There are hundreds of thousands of hits in Google’s index on questions and answers we posted on the mailinglists and it all makes up a very rich and excellent resource for both beginners and expert developers working on the Flash Platform.

I sent out two emails before to Dave Watts at Figleaf to ping what’s up with the Flashcomm list. I know there are less of us Flash Media Server developers but we appreciate the service and post our geeky questions about NetStreams and Webcams and Capture Cards in our little cozy corner of the Flash Community. So if anyone from Figleaf is listening, please bring back the Flashcomm list! My eternal gratitude to you guys 🙂

Link: Flashcomm error on Chattyfig.

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September 1, 2006 at 1:06 pm

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Testing now…On2 Live with Nate James. Give me your feedback!

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I’ve been in the studio for the past hour and within a few minutes we’re going live with our second webcast using On2’s Flix Live Encoder. If you have a minute or so, come have a look and give some feedback on the quality of the webcast, video wise and audio wise. You can also ping me on MSN: owen_van_dijk at that hot male dot com.

Link: Nate James live in concert – Fabchannel.com.

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August 31, 2006 at 10:49 pm

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