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On creating rich, flashy and immersive advertising experiences online by Owen van Dijk

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Owen van DijkEmbracing the timeline, because not all Flash requires one frame. A blog about creating immersive online advertisements aka ‘microsites’, lessons learned, failures embraced and secrets shared.

I used to write a blog called ‘MX Traveler’ in ancient history too. You can read the archives at ohwhen.typepad.com

I’m Owen van Dijk. I like Flashy stuff. I’m Director of Flash at USSR Studio in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Things i did earlier in my life:

Flash Developer at Clockwork, started my own company, initiated the dutch Macromedia Usergroup that grew into the Adobe User Group, DJ’ed at illegal warehouse raves in London, France and Czech Republic, organized a grassroots initiative called the NMUF all over the world ( London, San Francisco, New York, Cape Town ), studied Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence, travelled the globe with a skateboard, presented at conferences such as Flashtival, MAX, Spark Europe and Adobe Live, wrote crossbrowser videoplayers at TROS, hated Netscape 4 for that, made a bet in senior year that i could eat my whole name in chocolate. Lost that bet and was sick for a week…


Written by ohwhen

September 11, 2007 at 1:47 pm

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  1. Owen,

    Just a short note to thank you for mentioning our upcoming event — FITC Amsterdam.

    Are you planning on attending? If you haven’t bought a delegate pass yet, I’d like to offer you one at a 40% discount.

    E-mail: julie@fitc.ca


    December 17, 2007 at 4:40 pm

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