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Nice videoplayer in Flex 2 with tagging implementation

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Just found out about this great FLV/Videoplayer done with Flex 2 by Motionbox. The cool feature ( and what looks the one that sets them apart from the 783.434.325 video sharing/blogging sites ūüėČ ) is the tagging feature. You can click ‘n drag in the timeline ( that is visualised using thumbnails instead of time-markers ) and then share or tag your selection with your friends or on the site if you create a profile. In a way it’s some sort of deeplinking/permalinking in video’s.

I know videosearch is getting a lot of attention (for years) in scientific circles and with the explosion of video that is captured, edited and made available online, whether by broadcasters,  professional filmmakers or ordinary people, it’s an interesting market to watch. See a talk from Alexander Hauptmann on ‘Effective Approaches to Video Search and Classification‘ at Google Video

Link: Motionbox Blog: Deep Tagging and the Embeddable Motionbox Player.


Written by ohwhen

September 20, 2006 at 1:29 am

Posted in Web/Tech

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  1. Motionbox

    Motionbox, ein Anbieter von Videoinhalten √§hnlich YouTube, hat einen interessanten Videoplayer ver√∂ffentlicht. Er bietet die M√∂glichkeit, einzelne Abschnitte des Videos auf einer Zeitleiste mit Vorschaubildern zu markieren. Auf diese Weise k√∂nnen L…


    September 22, 2006 at 9:39 am

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