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Just watched the live feed from Macrumors and me is excited! Apple returned back to the colorful iPods with the new Nano’s and i can’t wait to get myself a new green Nano as i had a Mini in the same color.

The bigger news is ofcourse the announcement of the Apple iTV, which from what i understand is some sort of MediaCenter that looks quite similar to the Mac Mini but is all wireless. And ofcourse you can watch your movies that you bought from iTunes on it. Yup, that’s right…movies are now available on iTunes as well.

iTunes itself was updated to version 7 and now includes a view much like Cover Flow ( that site is getting hammered now because everyone is linking to it ) It’s made by Oliver Steele who is Chief Software Architect at Laszlo. Thats’ right..Apple shameless copying an implementation of it in their new iTunes )

Link: Apple – iPod nano


Written by ohwhen

September 12, 2006 at 8:29 pm

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