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Free FDT 1.5 Update, with Eclipse 3.2 support

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I was just trying to find more information if FDT was supported on Eclipse 3.2 ( I basically live in Eclipse, together with Flash and Outlook ) and just found the team at Powerflasher announced a new shiny free 1.5 update yesterday!

Hi all,

thaaaaaank you for your patience. Its time again for some official words!

We know that it is a shame to take so much time for new releases. After months of development and weeks for updates with on time feature requests we had a stable and voluminous release with that everyone was happy. Month’s later there is no new major release – sorry for that. But be sure, we’re still working on it. Of course we do – we are 20 flash developers here at POWERFLASHER (and 10 more freelancers) and need it daily. The last months we just implemented things we need and some cool requests from you guys. Everyone can participate on the open beta to get the newest official version.

Now since Eclipse 3.2, the MAC issues and AS3 it is really time for a new version! And here it comes… We´ve hired a new FDT-Only-Developer to support Nico, Lars and the rest, we’ve bought some MACs (and using it ;)) and we´ll invest new resources in the forum. Please welcome “Arne FDT” 🙂 a genius java-developer.

In October you´ll get a free update to version 1.5 with:

  • Eclipse 3.2 support
  • MAC help update improved
  • Better UTF-8 Support
  • New: Project- and workspace wide reference search
  • New: Mark occurrence in the editor area
  • New: ass kick´in external Flashplayer with real helpful features and ANT support (windows only for the first step)
  • New: classpath editor (imports projectclasspaths to the Flash IDE)
  • And of course bugfixes and small other improved things

We hope that makes you happy again and it makes the time shorter till the AS3 version. Uh yes what about that? We´d tried to release this year but the pre-release with 1.5 took time from it. So it will be Q1/07, maybe a beta in end of the year. It is really hard work to implement multiply languages.

Summary: We will release in a couple days the 1.5 as free minorupdate with rock´in new features and in Q1 next year the AS3 version.

Link: FDT Forum // View topic – Offical: FDT 1.5 – New releases, new power!


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September 27, 2006 at 10:29 am

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Adobe’s secret startup goes into VOIP space?

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"Adobe Systems wants to replicate its success in video space in the
Voice over the Internet (VoIP) arena, making it easy to embed voice
into web applications.  […] Sources say, Dr. Henry Sinnreich, generally known as “The Godfather” of
SIP (the Session Initiation Protocol) is helping the team, though we
have no details about his role within the project. He was most recently
the chief technology officer of Jeff Pulver’s VoIP greenhouse,
Pulver.com, and prior to that worked for MCI."

Om Malik has the scoop on his blog: GigaOM – Flash In The VoIP Pan.


Found more information on this blog, an interview with Adobe’s Bhana Sharma, Entrepreneur in Residence.

Bhana: There is no intent to be a phone service provider – rather we
just want to be a platform where service providers build all sort of
clever applications. As long as the inheritance capabilities on the
player and the platform are as good as any softphone and developing a
workflow and a graphical interface & services and apps — which is
where hopefully they will make money some day, instead of PSTN
replication, which is what the whole industry is doing right now.

Tom: Are you supporting SIP

Sharma: Currently we are only supporting H.263. In the future we’d like
to support things like SIP. As you know we’ve brought Dr. Henry
Sinnreich, onboard.

Tom: Yup, the grandfather of SIP

Sharma: Henry works on my team and he’s definitely going to be helping
us on understanding how SIP applies. So we’re definitely serious about
this space which is why we’re putting this rock solid team together.

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September 22, 2006 at 4:33 pm

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Nice videoplayer in Flex 2 with tagging implementation

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Just found out about this great FLV/Videoplayer done with Flex 2 by Motionbox. The cool feature ( and what looks the one that sets them apart from the 783.434.325 video sharing/blogging sites 😉 ) is the tagging feature. You can click ‘n drag in the timeline ( that is visualised using thumbnails instead of time-markers ) and then share or tag your selection with your friends or on the site if you create a profile. In a way it’s some sort of deeplinking/permalinking in video’s.

I know videosearch is getting a lot of attention (for years) in scientific circles and with the explosion of video that is captured, edited and made available online, whether by broadcasters,  professional filmmakers or ordinary people, it’s an interesting market to watch. See a talk from Alexander Hauptmann on ‘Effective Approaches to Video Search and Classification‘ at Google Video

Link: Motionbox Blog: Deep Tagging and the Embeddable Motionbox Player.

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September 20, 2006 at 1:29 am

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On CoverFlow…

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As said in my previous post, i thought Apple copied the Cover Flow application from Oliver Steele, but it seems they actually bought the application. How cool 🙂 Tony MacDonnel at Teknision has implemented the same idea for the FineTune remote player.

We are pleased to announce that all CoverFlow technology and
intellectual property was recently sold to Apple. It has been
incorporated into the latest version of iTunes. Please visit www.apple.com/itunes

Link: Steel Skies: On CoverFlow
Link: Finetune RIA : Evolution of the Mixtape!

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September 12, 2006 at 11:23 pm

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Gimme some Apple…

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Just watched the live feed from Macrumors and me is excited! Apple returned back to the colorful iPods with the new Nano’s and i can’t wait to get myself a new green Nano as i had a Mini in the same color.

The bigger news is ofcourse the announcement of the Apple iTV, which from what i understand is some sort of MediaCenter that looks quite similar to the Mac Mini but is all wireless. And ofcourse you can watch your movies that you bought from iTunes on it. Yup, that’s right…movies are now available on iTunes as well.

iTunes itself was updated to version 7 and now includes a view much like Cover Flow ( that site is getting hammered now because everyone is linking to it ) It’s made by Oliver Steele who is Chief Software Architect at Laszlo. Thats’ right..Apple shameless copying an implementation of it in their new iTunes )

Link: Apple – iPod nano

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September 12, 2006 at 8:29 pm

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Flash Media Server deep inside still a little bit Flashcomm…

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A year ago Macromedia/Adobe released Flash Media Server to the public. Gone was Flash Communication Server, dumped aside for the new, shiny server that could call Webservices, rename Files and what more….but today i found out deep inside this new, shiny server still feels a bit like it’s predecessor. When you connect to another server from Serverside Actionscript, the client.agent string display:

FlashCom/2.0.2 WIN/5.1.2600.

That’s right. 🙂 Now…you can check for this string on the server to do various security checks, and prevent other evil people from…let’s say…leeching streams like Stefan told you yesterday.

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September 8, 2006 at 5:53 pm

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Meet me at IBC 2006 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands!

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Today the annual IBC ( International Broadcasting Conference ) starts in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Hundreds of broadcasters, content providers, equipment manufacturers  and professionals will meet and discuss the future of tv. Among them are well-known names such as Adobe, Vitalstream, ON2 and Brightcove ( the new company of former Macromedia CEO Jeremy Allaire ).

I will be there this weekend so if you want to meetup and say hi, leave a comment or shoot me an email. Press release after the jump.

Link: IBC 2006

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September 8, 2006 at 1:02 pm

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