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First professional Flix 8 Live Encoder webcast using On2’s Flix Encoder tonight at Fabchannel

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Although Stefan beat us last week in doing the first live webcast using the new Flix 8 Live Encoder, i’m happy to announce we’re doing a professional webcast using ON2’s new Flix Live encoder application tonight at 21:00 GMT+1. We’re streaming live from the infamous Melkweg concert hall here in Amsterdam where Pennywise will be performing.

Some technical details: we’re streaming with 500 kbps bitrate, so you need a fast connection ( if you want to test your bandwidth to our FMS servers, you can run the test at our little diagnose application, it will show your connection speed and will report if it’s sufficient ). We’ve been testing the live encoder application for the past 5 days and it’s pretty stable. We did notice it’s a bit picky when it comes to capture card devices and you may need to update your drivers for your operating system of choice. Our encoding machines and our FMS2 Edge/Origin setup are running Windows 2003 and being connected through a gigabit uplink, we can handle up to 2000 simultaneous viewers. We will also run a Windows Media stream for our viewers who for some reason are unable or having troubles viewing the stream our have insufficient bandwidth ( you can choose between a 56k WindowsMedia stream and a 500k WindowsMedia stream ).

We have 2 venues ( Paradiso and the Melkweg ) and over the weeks we will test our studio setup, camera’s and encoders to improve the quality and experience. We’re doing webcastings almost every week, so make sure to check Fabchannel.com for the announcements.

Link: Pennywise – Live at Melkweg Amsterdam.


Written by ohwhen

August 28, 2006 at 9:10 pm

Posted in Web/Tech

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  1. On2 kündigt Flix Live 8 für VP6 an

    On2 kündigt die Veröffentlichung von On2 Flix Live 8 für Flash 8 an.
    Es handelt sich um die erste Anwendung, die in der Lage ist, Livevideos mit dem Flashvideo-Codec On2 VP6 zu kodieren. Dadurch können Livestreams in Verbindung mit dem Adobe Flash…

  2. Owen.

    I tried your “diagnose” program and this is what I got (I’m on a 24mbit ADSL2 connection). The program seemed to run fine, but the results are not.

    Diagnose report:

    Operating system
    Windows XP
    Flash Player Version
    WIN 9,0,16,0
    Connection Protocol
    Connection Port
    Round Trip Time:
    NaN ms
    NaN ms
    Your download speed:
    NaN kbps
    Your upload speed:
    NaN kbps


    August 29, 2006 at 2:31 am

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