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Mutoid + FabChannel == Mucho stuff to tell :-)

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So after the previous posting, here’s the reason why i posted that in the first place, my own little company called Mutoid and Fabchannel.com worked out a partnership for 2006!

if you’re not familiar with Fabchannel.com… in it’s essence it’s a company that records, edits and broadcast shows from artists that perform in the infamous Paradiso and Melkweg concert halls here in Amsterdam. You can watch the shows online on Fabchannel.com, all for free!. Some recent names in archive ( over 500 shows there ): Fun Loving Criminals, Richard Ashcroft, Stereophonics and te Simple Minds. The whole operation includes a variety of technology including video-analysis, Flash Media Server techniques, live and on-demand streaming and workflow,

Fabchannel has it’s own state of the art, in-house production facility  that covers the whole range of
present and future multimedia productions: Studio Paradiso. Its a digital production plant
that is capable of creating high-end multicam DVD, (digital) television and broadband internet productions.

I will be working closely with this 5 year old ‘startup’ onsite in
their office right next to Paradiso and i’m eager to show you the cool
stuff we’re working on ( but unable to tell you now because of NDA’s
involved ). Personally, i’m excited cause i’ll be heavily working with
FMS2 ( Edge/Origin setups ), streaming video and some management apps
done in Flex2 with a kickass team. In the upcoming posts i will go into more details on the challenges involved with video on the web (deeplinking anyone?) and into nitty-gritty details on FMS 2 development 🙂

For now, please do check out the portfolio of Studio Paradiso:

var so = new SWFObject(“http://staging.mutoid.nl/flvplayer/flvplayer.swf”, “flvplayer”, “400”, “300”, “8”, “#ffffff”);
so.addVariable(“file”, “20060329_showreel”);

Written by ohwhen

June 6, 2006 at 12:18 am

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  1. Hi Owen,

    Congrats on the new, exciting partnership! (Good thing we’re not in this F’d up company anymore:



    June 6, 2006 at 10:05 am

  2. Hi all!
    I found a music concert site which is pretty cool: YouSwitch.tv
    You can look at four video streams simultaneously with 4 different camera angles during a live show. You just have to choose the stream you want to watch. (if you want to see the drummer, the guitarist during a solo…) The nice thing is, switching allows you also to create a mixture of individual streams, and thus, you build your own montage of the pre-recorded concert and keep it. It seems that they are only in the beta testing version of the site and the final design will be available soon with more exclusive artist performances. It’ll be cool to direct your favourite band concert footage, you don’t need to have a production truck.


    May 28, 2007 at 10:29 pm

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