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On creating rich, flashy and immersive advertising experiences online by Owen van Dijk

Creative use of Flash IDE

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Working with Flash all day, makes you sometimes forget how to bring the IDE to live. 🙂

From deviantART: "…
An animator faces his own animation in deadly combat.  The battlefield?  The Flash interface itself.A stick figure is created by an animator with the intent to torture.
The stick figure drawn by the animator will be using everything he can
find – the brush tool, the eraser tool – to get back at his tormentor.
It’s resourcefulness versus power. Who will win? You can find out

— This took three long months.. i think it’s worth it…." Alan Becker

var so = new SWFObject(“http://ic1.deviantart.com/fs10/f/2006/154/c/5/redkanga.swf”, “alanbecker”, “450”, “324”, “7”, “#ffffff”);
so.addParam(“menu”, “false”);


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June 6, 2006 at 3:03 pm

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