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On creating rich, flashy and immersive advertising experiences online by Owen van Dijk

Neat interaction with images by Andries Odendaal

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VE_JSEmbedPlayer_Flash7_8(‘gid328/cid1096’, ‘/gid328/cid1096/5D/TW/1148336714hQ45GIQ3raBxRLBpqPmL’, ‘Metal’, ”, ‘_auth_=1148341229_09fd3dbe839f4bcba6f1e99599b00c27%26flashfix.flv’, ‘_auth_=1148341229_ad3736795abd9ea468bae0d8ec21e3a2%26flashfix.flv’, ‘_auth_=1148341229_65f85efd8b2da7e2281631fc9f0e2fd5%26flashfix.flv’, “false”);

This little Director goodie is done by Andries Odendaal (from Wireframe fame) for Getty Images as part of their "10 ways to interact" campaign. More innovation to be found at http://interact10ways.com

Written by ohwhen

May 23, 2006 at 12:40 am

Posted in Web/Tech

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