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Live blogging from Flashtival ( Peter Hall )

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14:04 Peter Hall just started his presentation, shows the Discovery Channel site WAI builds ( the company he works for ) and tells what the presentation will be about ( Document Driven Flash )

14:06 Actually he managed to make some simple slides, cool 🙂

14:08 Talks about the benefits about the DDF – Framework, and excuses how he hacked away the last couple of hours, so he notes that it’s not really proven to work.

14:11 Shows an example he made, a few minutes ago ( coz he hadn’t when we woke up this morning ) he’s going into showing code now.

14:12 Aral is sitting in front of me, making some pictures, he has to go up after Peter i think. I think he made some pictures he put up on Flashant. Peter talks about the framework, spends some minutes trying to find out how to increase the fontsize in Dreamweaver. There’s about 40-50 people here.

14:18 He’s switching very fast between the Javascript code, the Actionscript code and the actual movie, so i reckon it’s quite hard to comprehend what’s going on at the moment.

14:19 Shows how to add a new page to a Flash movie using the DDF-Framework, using Dreamweaver.

14:20 Peter says: “There are two rules when you try to build something on stage: You lose the ability to type when everybody is watching and the example you’re trying to show never works.”

14:24 DDF Allows you to quickly mock up your site ( your data ) in proper XHTML and DDF allows you to read these files and parse them into Flash. It’s no full XHTML renderer nor tend to be, but the idea is pretty neat.

14:38 Right i was quite busy finding how why my blogpostings aren’t being picked up by MXNA or the Goog, but Peter showed some more detailed examples of the framework, which definitely needs to be more polished, it works but that’s all there is to say to it. Well, he stays for a few more days so we can work together on it…

14:46 Actually there is more to say about Peter’s presentation, so that’s what Aral has done on his blog including some pictures with an awful one of mine… 🙂

14:50 Some questions about what could be possible with the DDF framework, so it’s more of a group brainsession with some good Flash developers in the room…cool.

14:58 Presentation done, it was good, a bit technical but that’s the way i like them. 🙂

15:00 This is the main hall where Peter and I presented….


Written by ohwhen

September 27, 2004 at 2:06 pm

Posted in Web/Tech

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  1. Two pictures from Owen in action:


    September 28, 2004 at 2:33 pm

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