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Live blogging from Flashtival ( Aral Balkan )

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16:01 Aral jokes around on stage and introduces himself

16:02 He’s going to talk about risks in projects, talks about 70% of all IT projects fail. Compares it with car manufacturing ( think about how 70% of the cards didn’t work )

16:04 Going into depth how we can control risk, couple of things:
– User Centered Product Development
– Agile methodologies
– eXtreme Programming
– User-Centered Agile Product Development

Aral is quite rushing through the first notes…

16:06 A slide about Usability testing, UCPD and HCI Influences, test early, test often and test again.

16:08 eXtreme Programming Influences, no big up-front design, test first development, refactoring and courage.

16:11 Some more notes; know when to unit test and when to usability test; respect the UI, it will bite you; don’t forget the basics: Source Control, Backups, Firewalls, Virus Scanners

16:13 Applying Best Practices to RIA Development
– Actionscript 2
– Forms-based development
– Componentware approach
– If you have the budget, take a look at Flex
– Pattern-based development

16:14 What are Software Patterns
– Buzz-word; beware the hype!
– Useful pattern: Controller, Command, Business Delegate, Service Locator
– Introduction to the Ariaware RIA Platform 2.0

16:15 I’m just typing up the slides and copy them here, aral is going full steam, joking around, talks a bit fast but it works. Now he shows the UML diagram of the Ariaware RIA Platform.

16:17 Shows an example application from AMFPHP ( the pizza example ). Dissects the application in Ellipsis, goes through the different layers.

16:22 Goes actually through the code line-by-line…aral, remember that you only have 60 minutes 😉

16:24 Tips about addItem() and how it’s better to set a DataProvider if you want to add lots of items ( because it fires a change event every time )

16:27 He’s almost on half time now, and we didn’t really see Ariaware yet. I’ll let him notice.

16:30 Aral is afraid of compiling Flash movies…

16:31 Now shows his own example of the pizza application he made ( he told me he made that last night around 4AM with his framework ). It’s made with the V2 components and looks kinda cool.

16:33 So we’re in the front row, aral sometimes looks scary to us, Peter Hall is sitting right next to me and we’re also in a group chat on messenger with Jonas Galvez 😎

16:35 Aral: “Don’t put in any code in the FLA…” Shows how to linkage classes to Movieclips through the library.

16:38 Opens up Primalscript ( which Peter also uses ). I need to get myself a license really, i use Flex Builder for all my Actionscript development. but it really looks like a decent IDE. Unfortunately i installed it a little over a year ago just to try things out, so it won’t allow to install it again for a trial period. Ah well….

16:41 Going into code, shows how to start a new application using ARP ( Ariaware RIA Platform ).

16:45 We’re on 75% time now…we’re definitely running out of time. Good presentation till far though.

16:46 Using a naming convention so the ARP system can map events through functions.

16:48 Talks about POJO’s but then done in Actionscript 2, and how ARP uses them.

16:50 Looks like ARP makes heavily use of both the Command pattern and the Service Locator. The naming convention allows to execute any function that ends with Command maps to a subclass of a Command class and can call the execute() function ( actually it’s not called execute() in ARP but executeCommand() );

16:51 I’m going to see if we at Clockwork can get Aral to talk a bit on the ARP platform, it’s something we should have but never got around of doing it, and this is already out there in working RIA applications.

16:55 The worldwide premiere of Ariaware Optimizer, a product we’ve been testing for the past 4 weeks. It extracts the classes in your application into SWF’s ( RSL ) that can be preloaded and cached so you don’t have to put that code into each and every SWF file. Congrats Aral, Burak and Peter… ( it’s ‘almost’ out there )

16:57 We’ve got to see some sample usages of Optimizer and the actual optimization results.

17:00 60 minutes just went by…and Aral is still going along fine.

17:01 Windows Explorer just crashed…auch.

17:05 We’re done. Ariaware Optimizer will be out soon. Great presentation.


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September 27, 2004 at 4:02 pm

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