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Live blogging from Flashtival ( 247 Media )

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Right, the upcoming two session i’ll be doing some live blogging from Flashtival. Hit refresh the couple of hours…

13:07 I’m in the main hall right now, watching a presentation of 247 Media. He introduced himself, seems a bit nervous, talking about what the company is and shows some websites, Beau Weaver, looks pretty slick like a magazine.

13:10 He shows another website, Bryan Ingram, all visually stunning, very “grunge” design. Seems they’re pretty involved with the big Hollywood studio’s.

13:12 Makes a statement that “if you make a website for a musician it has to look expensive” quite funny, but i don’t know whether that was a requirement from the client or something he came up on his own, to me it depends on what the concept is behind a site..

13:14 Talks about how important is to get the concept behind a website right, and that it takes a lot of time to get it right, he calls it “idea and vision”. Now he shows some website about Lana Landis, which is a pinup model, talks again on that the website had to look “expensive”?

13:20 The website is nice, had a nice “view master” in there, rambles again on the “idea and vision” they had for this website, a bit cocky to me but maybe it’s the limited vocabulary, i know it’s pretty hard to do a talk in English when you’re not a native speaker. The websites he shows are graphically very detailed, well executed have to give him that.

13:22 Still continues to talk about “creating a vision and idea” now it gets irritating imo….

13:24 Now shows the FWA awards his company has won, there’s like 7 or 9 in there

13:29 Goes a bit into how sound can really add atmosphere to a website, and how he thinks developers shouldn’t add a “sound off” button to a website, coz it kills the atmosphere on a website

13:32 Now according to the conference description this presentation should be about how to create visually stunning websites and how to create a mood and atmosphere on a website, but somehow the presenter seems to be a tad arrogant, and it looks like he is just doing an advertisement for 247 Media. It’s a pity though, because the work he shows is definitely very good, definitely inspired on 2 Advanced but good work there…

13:36 He doesn’t really look at the audience while speaking ( something i’ve been doing as well ) so he misses some people who raise hands and want to ask questions

13:39 Repeats again that you need an idea to create a cool website, not a tool. We’ve heard that only like 40 times….

13:41 I’m wondering if he will gives us some more tips, instead of repeating how you need an idea and a vision. He doesn’t go into much detail how the process is of getting that idea…

13:44 Finishes his presentation after 45 minutes, i ask if he can get into more details what the process is to get to “the idea and vision” of a website.

13:48 Done. The quality of the presentation and the presenter were low to average, especially if you compare it to the work he presented. In the end it was more of a big advertisement of the sites 247 Media have delivered…a bit of a shame really. Peter is up next and haven’t seen him yet, he was still hacking away an hour ago.

Written by ohwhen

September 27, 2004 at 1:08 pm

Posted in Web/Tech

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  1. hi,

    my name is ingo j. ramin, founder of 247 media studios.

    due to the lack of time and the enormous amount of work over here, i was sending a freelancer to the conference.

    too sad that the presentation worked out that way. i told him to show up at the office before he left for the conference, to run through his speech and presentation but he told me that t is not necessary…..i see…..hope that i can make it in person next time.

    ingo j. ramin

    January 3, 2005 at 12:30 pm

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