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On creating rich, flashy and immersive advertising experiences online by Owen van Dijk

Join us at Flashtival tomorrow today…

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Right, i’m here in my hotel sitting with Peter Hall, putting the finishing touches on our presentations for the Flashtival tomorrow in Rotterdam, the Netherlands Actually that’s not true, Peter is slaving away finishing his, while i’m just browsing the web and answering my email. I’ve finished mine last week… ( *evil laugh* ).

We’ve just had a pre-Flashtival dinner with Aral, Ola, Peter, Bente and some of the Flashtival organisation.

Anyway, if you there, come by and see hi, my session is at 10AM in the morning ( *ugh* ) and Peter is up at 2PM, i’ll put up the slides right after i finish my presentation ( which is about a huge eLearning project, 3 years in the making ) on my new website www.owenvandijk.nl

Hope to see you all in a few hours…


Written by ohwhen

September 27, 2004 at 1:09 am

Posted in Web/Tech

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