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Flashtival presentation slides online

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I’ve got some good feedback really on our presentation yesterday, so Arjen and I can polish our presentation for the next time. A few remarks though, our presentation wasn’t really about Rich Internet Applications, as our project isn’t really a RIA ( it’s a CD-ROM project ). The reason why we didn’t choose to show any actual code was that it’s really hard to go into detail with a codebase of 70.000 lines of code. Where do you start? It’s really a tradeoff on what you want to tell, and what you can tell in the time being given to you ( 60 minutes ). That said, thank you all for the feedback, and i will use those to make our presentation better, so in the end it’ll be the perfect presentation.

By downloading the sheets you agree with the following:

  • Slides are copyrighted by Clockwork, Ordina Enterprise Solutions. If you want to use this material either for educational or commercial use, please contact me on owen_at_clockwork_dot_nl
  • Slides are in dutch, please do leave a message with your contact information if you want the english one. I will work on them for the Flash Europe presentation. You can also mail me ofcourse if you want to be updated when i release these online
  • Slides are pretty boring if you don’t have the examples of our application. I’ll try and see if can get example movies online
  • If for some mysterious reason this file crashes your computer, i’m not responsible.

AGAIN: This is a work in progress, please do mail or leave your contact information as i will work on these slides!!

Download Flashtival Presentation Slides ( Powerpoint, 1MB )


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September 28, 2004 at 6:18 pm

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Live blogging from Flashtival ( Aral Balkan )

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16:01 Aral jokes around on stage and introduces himself

16:02 He’s going to talk about risks in projects, talks about 70% of all IT projects fail. Compares it with car manufacturing ( think about how 70% of the cards didn’t work )

16:04 Going into depth how we can control risk, couple of things:
– User Centered Product Development
– Agile methodologies
– eXtreme Programming
– User-Centered Agile Product Development

Aral is quite rushing through the first notes…

16:06 A slide about Usability testing, UCPD and HCI Influences, test early, test often and test again.

16:08 eXtreme Programming Influences, no big up-front design, test first development, refactoring and courage.

16:11 Some more notes; know when to unit test and when to usability test; respect the UI, it will bite you; don’t forget the basics: Source Control, Backups, Firewalls, Virus Scanners

16:13 Applying Best Practices to RIA Development
– Actionscript 2
– Forms-based development
– Componentware approach
– If you have the budget, take a look at Flex
– Pattern-based development

16:14 What are Software Patterns
– Buzz-word; beware the hype!
– Useful pattern: Controller, Command, Business Delegate, Service Locator
– Introduction to the Ariaware RIA Platform 2.0

16:15 I’m just typing up the slides and copy them here, aral is going full steam, joking around, talks a bit fast but it works. Now he shows the UML diagram of the Ariaware RIA Platform.

16:17 Shows an example application from AMFPHP ( the pizza example ). Dissects the application in Ellipsis, goes through the different layers.

16:22 Goes actually through the code line-by-line…aral, remember that you only have 60 minutes 😉

16:24 Tips about addItem() and how it’s better to set a DataProvider if you want to add lots of items ( because it fires a change event every time )

16:27 He’s almost on half time now, and we didn’t really see Ariaware yet. I’ll let him notice.

16:30 Aral is afraid of compiling Flash movies…

16:31 Now shows his own example of the pizza application he made ( he told me he made that last night around 4AM with his framework ). It’s made with the V2 components and looks kinda cool.

16:33 So we’re in the front row, aral sometimes looks scary to us, Peter Hall is sitting right next to me and we’re also in a group chat on messenger with Jonas Galvez 😎

16:35 Aral: “Don’t put in any code in the FLA…” Shows how to linkage classes to Movieclips through the library.

16:38 Opens up Primalscript ( which Peter also uses ). I need to get myself a license really, i use Flex Builder for all my Actionscript development. but it really looks like a decent IDE. Unfortunately i installed it a little over a year ago just to try things out, so it won’t allow to install it again for a trial period. Ah well….

16:41 Going into code, shows how to start a new application using ARP ( Ariaware RIA Platform ).

16:45 We’re on 75% time now…we’re definitely running out of time. Good presentation till far though.

16:46 Using a naming convention so the ARP system can map events through functions.

16:48 Talks about POJO’s but then done in Actionscript 2, and how ARP uses them.

16:50 Looks like ARP makes heavily use of both the Command pattern and the Service Locator. The naming convention allows to execute any function that ends with Command maps to a subclass of a Command class and can call the execute() function ( actually it’s not called execute() in ARP but executeCommand() );

16:51 I’m going to see if we at Clockwork can get Aral to talk a bit on the ARP platform, it’s something we should have but never got around of doing it, and this is already out there in working RIA applications.

16:55 The worldwide premiere of Ariaware Optimizer, a product we’ve been testing for the past 4 weeks. It extracts the classes in your application into SWF’s ( RSL ) that can be preloaded and cached so you don’t have to put that code into each and every SWF file. Congrats Aral, Burak and Peter… ( it’s ‘almost’ out there )

16:57 We’ve got to see some sample usages of Optimizer and the actual optimization results.

17:00 60 minutes just went by…and Aral is still going along fine.

17:01 Windows Explorer just crashed…auch.

17:05 We’re done. Ariaware Optimizer will be out soon. Great presentation.

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September 27, 2004 at 4:02 pm

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Live blogging from Flashtival ( Peter Hall )

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14:04 Peter Hall just started his presentation, shows the Discovery Channel site WAI builds ( the company he works for ) and tells what the presentation will be about ( Document Driven Flash )

14:06 Actually he managed to make some simple slides, cool 🙂

14:08 Talks about the benefits about the DDF – Framework, and excuses how he hacked away the last couple of hours, so he notes that it’s not really proven to work.

14:11 Shows an example he made, a few minutes ago ( coz he hadn’t when we woke up this morning ) he’s going into showing code now.

14:12 Aral is sitting in front of me, making some pictures, he has to go up after Peter i think. I think he made some pictures he put up on Flashant. Peter talks about the framework, spends some minutes trying to find out how to increase the fontsize in Dreamweaver. There’s about 40-50 people here.

14:18 He’s switching very fast between the Javascript code, the Actionscript code and the actual movie, so i reckon it’s quite hard to comprehend what’s going on at the moment.

14:19 Shows how to add a new page to a Flash movie using the DDF-Framework, using Dreamweaver.

14:20 Peter says: “There are two rules when you try to build something on stage: You lose the ability to type when everybody is watching and the example you’re trying to show never works.”

14:24 DDF Allows you to quickly mock up your site ( your data ) in proper XHTML and DDF allows you to read these files and parse them into Flash. It’s no full XHTML renderer nor tend to be, but the idea is pretty neat.

14:38 Right i was quite busy finding how why my blogpostings aren’t being picked up by MXNA or the Goog, but Peter showed some more detailed examples of the framework, which definitely needs to be more polished, it works but that’s all there is to say to it. Well, he stays for a few more days so we can work together on it…

14:46 Actually there is more to say about Peter’s presentation, so that’s what Aral has done on his blog including some pictures with an awful one of mine… 🙂

14:50 Some questions about what could be possible with the DDF framework, so it’s more of a group brainsession with some good Flash developers in the room…cool.

14:58 Presentation done, it was good, a bit technical but that’s the way i like them. 🙂

15:00 This is the main hall where Peter and I presented….

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September 27, 2004 at 2:06 pm

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Live blogging from Flashtival ( 247 Media )

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Right, the upcoming two session i’ll be doing some live blogging from Flashtival. Hit refresh the couple of hours…

13:07 I’m in the main hall right now, watching a presentation of 247 Media. He introduced himself, seems a bit nervous, talking about what the company is and shows some websites, Beau Weaver, looks pretty slick like a magazine.

13:10 He shows another website, Bryan Ingram, all visually stunning, very “grunge” design. Seems they’re pretty involved with the big Hollywood studio’s.

13:12 Makes a statement that “if you make a website for a musician it has to look expensive” quite funny, but i don’t know whether that was a requirement from the client or something he came up on his own, to me it depends on what the concept is behind a site..

13:14 Talks about how important is to get the concept behind a website right, and that it takes a lot of time to get it right, he calls it “idea and vision”. Now he shows some website about Lana Landis, which is a pinup model, talks again on that the website had to look “expensive”?

13:20 The website is nice, had a nice “view master” in there, rambles again on the “idea and vision” they had for this website, a bit cocky to me but maybe it’s the limited vocabulary, i know it’s pretty hard to do a talk in English when you’re not a native speaker. The websites he shows are graphically very detailed, well executed have to give him that.

13:22 Still continues to talk about “creating a vision and idea” now it gets irritating imo….

13:24 Now shows the FWA awards his company has won, there’s like 7 or 9 in there

13:29 Goes a bit into how sound can really add atmosphere to a website, and how he thinks developers shouldn’t add a “sound off” button to a website, coz it kills the atmosphere on a website

13:32 Now according to the conference description this presentation should be about how to create visually stunning websites and how to create a mood and atmosphere on a website, but somehow the presenter seems to be a tad arrogant, and it looks like he is just doing an advertisement for 247 Media. It’s a pity though, because the work he shows is definitely very good, definitely inspired on 2 Advanced but good work there…

13:36 He doesn’t really look at the audience while speaking ( something i’ve been doing as well ) so he misses some people who raise hands and want to ask questions

13:39 Repeats again that you need an idea to create a cool website, not a tool. We’ve heard that only like 40 times….

13:41 I’m wondering if he will gives us some more tips, instead of repeating how you need an idea and a vision. He doesn’t go into much detail how the process is of getting that idea…

13:44 Finishes his presentation after 45 minutes, i ask if he can get into more details what the process is to get to “the idea and vision” of a website.

13:48 Done. The quality of the presentation and the presenter were low to average, especially if you compare it to the work he presented. In the end it was more of a big advertisement of the sites 247 Media have delivered…a bit of a shame really. Peter is up next and haven’t seen him yet, he was still hacking away an hour ago.

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Join us at Flashtival tomorrow today…

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Right, i’m here in my hotel sitting with Peter Hall, putting the finishing touches on our presentations for the Flashtival tomorrow in Rotterdam, the Netherlands Actually that’s not true, Peter is slaving away finishing his, while i’m just browsing the web and answering my email. I’ve finished mine last week… ( *evil laugh* ).

We’ve just had a pre-Flashtival dinner with Aral, Ola, Peter, Bente and some of the Flashtival organisation.

Anyway, if you there, come by and see hi, my session is at 10AM in the morning ( *ugh* ) and Peter is up at 2PM, i’ll put up the slides right after i finish my presentation ( which is about a huge eLearning project, 3 years in the making ) on my new website www.owenvandijk.nl

Hope to see you all in a few hours…

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September 27, 2004 at 1:09 am

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