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Oh no, no more postings on Flex anymore!

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Monday, 29th of March. The software engineers can have some sleep again, the product managers can leave their time-schedules alone, the Q&A engineers can stop working in bugbase and the marketing department can do it’s job now. Anyone who has ever shipped a 1.0 release knows the excitement and yet the stress. Macromedia Flex is out. Well done Flex team!

You, the one who is reading this, might have clicked the link to that page. Had a quick glance on the pages, might even went through the Breeze presentation. Downloaded the white-papers.


I know what you’re thinking. Yes, that 12k figure. Forget it. It’s only money, and not relevant to this post. As part of any beta-program, you usually have to sign a NDA, a Non-Disclosure Agreement. It’s usual legal jibberish to me, but it bottles down to the following. If you are participating in a beta- or alpha program, you can neither deny or confirm the existince of such program, or your involvement in it. So let’s just say in relation to Macromedia Flex, i was very privileged. You see, my posting on Laszlo on Friday wasn’t really a coincedent, i posted it for very fine reasons. Maybe the same reasons why Laszlo introduced their new pricing scheme. Timing is key.

Let’s get to the point. I suggest to order the trial CD and play with it. It’s a wonderfull product after all. Learn about MXML. Try and make your own ‘Hello Word’. Make it sing, make it dance, learn the strong and weak points of it. Try and break it, and if so, don’t forget to tell Macromedia. So you might learn, that it relies on the HALO Framework. You might learn that it only runs on top of a J2EE Application Server and not yet on .NET. You might learn that it runs smoothly on OSX, even though it’s not even a supported platform. But if you play with it, you will learn. And in that process, show it to your other team members. Excitement Show it to that serverside geek, that has /. open on a second terminal 24/7, and has a mixed feeling about Flash applications in general ( because it won’t run on his own compiled BSD installation ). Show it to the Interaction Designers, the look and feel of a Flex application, and the single screen interface. Show it to your CTO, or Technical Manager, and how easily you can generate the interface. And last but not least, show some of your sample applications to your clients. Get them excited too.

Because exciting it will be. ‘Coz Declarative UI programming has just got a promotional boost once again, no matter what the product is called. Macromedia Flex, or Laszlo LPS, or SwiXML, or XAML, or XUL, it isn’t important. The bonus is, is that you’re not editing your UI logic in a binary memory dump of a software program ( *.FLA files ) but in plain text. That can be made with every text editor or IDE. That can be put into a Version Managment System. That can be merged, be copied, be generated. Lots of opportunities. So let’s go out and play with it.

And yes….12k. That’s a helluvalot of dough….


Written by ohwhen

March 29, 2004 at 8:08 pm

Posted in Web/Tech

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  1. Wasn’t this post of yours supposed to be a no-more-flex-posts kind of thing? 🙂 I fell, and posted a Flex post anyway, I didn’t know there were sooooo many posts already… next time I’ll check the aggregators first.

    Oscar Trelles

    March 30, 2004 at 12:10 am

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