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Flash MX 2004 Pro RemotingConnector

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[UPDATE 9 Oct]: links now resolve to the updated MXP package on the AMF-PHP site itself.


I have dived into the new Data Architecture lately, and one weblog that has helped me a lot with information on the ‘old’ architecture ( aka Flash Remoting ) versus the new Architecture is Flash-Remoting. Basically, it’s a website about a new book by O’Reilly called “Flash Remoting: The Definitive Guide” written by Tom Muck, but it also features a blog. It’s definitely a must-visit if you are working with external data, loads of tips and tricks and nice feedback on the workflow with the Remoting products.

I’ve been involved in a Flash-Remoting project, and one of the issues we had was that on the Javaside we had a double, while on the clientside, in Flash, somehow that double showed a different value. Each product has it’s quirks, and my experience with previous Definitive Guides is that they really go into these quirks and explain where they come from. I have no doubt this book will definitely be worth it’s money and when it’s available ( i haven’t seen it in my local bookstore ) i will post a review here.

Anyway, today i saw an interesting post up on Flash-Remoting about a new DataComponent, for Flash Remoting. Justin Watkins rewrote the components to AS2 classes and built a RemotingConnector that sports the same workflow as the XML and WebservicesConnector. When i downloaded the files, i noticed the awkward installation procedure. Basically you had to copy everything manually into the right folders.

I made an MXP package for Window users, so you can just doubleclick that file and the Extension Manager will copy everything for you. I noticed that not many people and companies are using the MXP format, for instance, also the new Unity2 components have to be installed manually. This really reminds me that i need to fix one of my other tools in the MX Traveller toolset, a Distribution packager. More info on that later. I mailed Justin so he can include the MXP package instead whenever he updates the files.

Now, if you are using Windows and have the latest version of the Extension Manager installed:

Flash MX 2004 Pro Remoting Connector ( *.MXP )

or download the MXI file:

Flash MX 2004 Pro Remoting Connector ( *.MXI )


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September 26, 2003 at 1:38 am

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Flash MX2 Tool: JSFLCreator, now for download!

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As promised, here is the first beta-utility in the MX Traveller Toolset: JSFLCreator!

This is a commandline tool, that creates a buildfile that can be launched by doubleclicking on it. Basically, it’s like FLADig, but now for the windows platform. I will post it’s litte brother, FLPCreator, next week, including the sourcecode ( C# ), but for now you need to download the installer. Please note that this is beta software, and has had limited testing. Don’t use it on production machines. It’s just a simple commandline program, nothing fancy, but you never know.

For more information, read the README file, or follow this link.

Download JSFLCreator setup ( 337 kb )

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September 22, 2003 at 11:03 pm

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Flash MX2 Tools: JSFLCreator and FLPCreator

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I’ve been working on some new tools, mainly to migrate and test projects that were done in Flash MX. The tools are JSFLCreator, which you can see at work above, and FLPCreator, which does the same but for Flash Project files. Basically what these tools do, they are going through a specified directory recursively, find all the files that match a certain pattern ( let’s say we use [ “*.fla” ] to find all the Flash source files ) and create a so-called “build” file that can be launched by double-clicking on it. Then Flash MX 2004 will happily publish all these files, so you don’t have to do that manually.

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September 19, 2003 at 12:19 am

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Map of the (Flash) MX World

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This blog is called MX Traveller, travelling in the MX world. Question is, what exactly does that world look like? I am currently trying to visualize that world, which technologies come into play, and what is the relation between them.

This is how it looks like now ( click image for a total view ):

i put in only the Macromedia related products and technologies, just for a start. I know there are a lot of homegrown tools and commercial alternatives and i am writing them down so in a future version i can put them in. If you know about software or tools that definitely should be on this image, please let me know!

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September 15, 2003 at 9:55 pm

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Flash MX2 Tools: Data Debugging behavior (updated )

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I updated the Debugging behavior to version 1.1 because of some minor issues. Here are the release notes:

1.1, 14-09-2003.

– Minor glitch that prevented the behavior from switching on and off between screens.
– Updated description in MXP package
– Updated type in MXP package

For more information and to download the updated package, go here.

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September 14, 2003 at 6:37 pm

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Flash MX2 Tools: Data Debugging behavior

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If you are working with the new Data Architecture, you will often find it handy when you have some sort of live debugging available, to see what data is send and received. With Flash Remoting, you had the NetConnection debugger, which gave you detailed information on the requests send and received. In Flash MX 2004, you now have a new method available which sort of will do the same. In the documentation you will find how to enable this method by inserting this line of code:

_global.__dataLogger = new mx.data.binding.Log();

I created this behavior, so that you can continue working on your application and switching debugging on and of by simply inserting this behavior through the Behaviors panel. You will need the new Extension Manager that supports the MX 2004 Studio.

Download the Data Debugging behavior ( *.mxp )

If you want to find out how i created this behavior, read on.

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September 12, 2003 at 11:09 pm

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The process of writing.

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The next following weeks will be very interesting. I’ll be flying to London next Friday, to do a presentation at the MMUG Relaunch meeting. That is gonna be an awesome event, with speakers like Peter Hall, Ayo, Martin Wood, Peter Elst, Aral Balkan and yours truly ofcourse. Did i mention it is free if you register on the website? The next day i am flying back to the Netherlands, because i have tickets for Bazar Curieux, a festival in Rotterdam with 2 Many DJ’s, Peaches and Quannum. I’ll be swinging my hips for sure that night!

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September 12, 2003 at 2:28 pm

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